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Danesholme Infant Academy


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Without the support and involvement of parents, it would be very difficult to provide the best learning experience for children here at Danesholme Infant Academy. Despite their importance, we recognise that parents sometimes feel overwhelmed by what happens in school. We work hard to ensure that pearnts are up to date with what is happening, and we do this by giving the best advice, support and general information we can.

Danesholme Infant Academy will promote high-quality learning as an entitlement for all pupils and will ensure they reach their full potential, with no limit to what they can achieve.

We are committed to the highest of standards. We expect outstanding levels of achievement in all areas of academic and personal development and excellent behaviour.

For the Academy to run efficiently and for children to gain the most out of the education offered, a high standard of discipline will be expected at all times. Anti-social or disruptive behaviour will be dealt with promptly and sanctions imposed. Parents will also be involved as quickly as possible, so that home and the Academy can work in partnership to solve any problems which may arise.

We are proud of the high standards of discipline we set and achieve. All pupils will be encouraged to develop an enquiring mind, a sense of purpose and a determination to work hard. At the centre of the Academy’s code of conduct will be respect and consideration for other people and their property.

Individual pupils will develop a sense of personal responsibility so that they can make a full contribution to their learning and to the community. The Academy will raise aspirations and actively challenge low expectations.

We want our pupils to be proud to belong to the Danesholme Infant Academy and to be proud of their achievements. Whatever our pupils’ backgrounds, we want them to be in the best possible position to move on successfully to the next stage of their education.

We value the support and contributions from parents and carers.